1. Literacy Narrative

Unit Goals:

● Produce a final written project that indicates a clear rhetorical purpose and that is appropriate for a diverse audience of peers
● Use conventions of open-form prose
● Illustrate engagement with issues of language, literacy, rhetoric, or cultures
● Demonstrate knowledge of persuasive appeals and rhetorical concepts learned in the introductory unit
● Use specific language (descriptive, figurative, with attention paid to word choice)
● Produce a final draft that shows evidence of a thoughtful writing process, including invention, revision, and proof-reading
● Use syntax, punctuation, and spelling effectively in service of rhetorical purpose


Literacy Narrative Assignment Sheet

Literacy Narrative Grading Rubric

Literacy Narrative Instructor’s Daily Lesson Plan

Additional Readings for Instructors



Amy Tan: “Mother Tongue” – Exploding a Moment Exercise

Luc Sante: “Living in Tongues


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