Writing and Rhetoric II


This section is intended to demonstrate one way I might structure a freshman composition class. This class is specifically tailored to ENC 1102: Writing and Rhetoric II at Florida International University. The sample syllabus below includes university policies and is intended to be a foundation to refer back to throughout the semester when questions or issues arise. Each unit is organized such that the unit learning outcomes are listed immediately, followed by a sample assignment sheet and grading rubric. I have also included a sample lesson plan for instructors which gives a class-by-class overview. Keep in mind that everything is adaptable to various teaching styles and class types.

This particular class is designed to include an online component where documents and student unit plans are accessible throughout the semester. I believe in giving students as much as they need to know because they are more likely to remain motivated throughout a given unit if they see the relevance of each activity. The course is designed to encourage students to inwardly reflect on and gain confidence in their writing and analytic ability, discourage plagiarism, and understand applicability to real-world issues students may encounter. Teaching is a shared responsibility between the instructor and the student, and between students and their peers. This course also emphasizes that students take learning into their own hands, with guidance from the instructor and accountability from peers. You may notice that each unit is formatted differently. This is because there are so many ways to structure a class or unit that I would like to put all of these into action in various semester in order to see which methods seem most effective for my personal teaching style.

I encourage interactive learning, and prefer to engage students with both the instructor and materials as much as possible. I feel confident enough to teach from these lesson plans myself. I am sure that I will adapt them and add new material as I gain more experience teaching,  so feel free to check out the periodic evolution of my course notes.

ENC 1102 Sample Syllabus

1. Rhetorical Analysis

2. Exploratory Writing

3. Proposing a Solution

Material courtesy of Justin Bendell


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