1. Rhetorical Analysis

Unit Goals:

· As you learn to appreciate and evaluate the rhetorical strategies used and stylistic choices made by experienced communicators, you will learn to use effective rhetorical strategies and appeals in your own writing that respond to your specific rhetorical context.
· As you engage in productive peer review workshops, you will become more aware of your audience, and the choices a writer has to make depending on his/her audience and purpose.
· You will learn how to read and summarize another writer’s argument succinctly.
· You will practice writing a strong, rhetorically sound thesis, an effective introduction, supporting your points with particulars (a key feature in effective academic prose).
· You will continue to learn to purposefully incorporate outside sources into your own writing.


Rhetorical Analysis Assignment Sheet

Rhetorical Analysis Grading Rubric

Rhetorical Analysis Instructor’s Daily Unit Plan

Additional Readings for Instructors


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