2. Exploratory Essay

Unit Goals:

  • Tackle research projects as professional writers and thinkers do, by examining the complexity of the problem at hand, considering multiple perspectives, investigating alternative solutions to the problem, and reflecting on the feasibility of each solution.
  • Conduct purposeful research (taking detailed notes and rhetorically locating, evaluating and analyzing sources) synthesize the ideas of others into your own writing through purposeful integration of sources (keeping the focus on your own writing and avoiding plagiarism)
  • Make effective rhetorical choices of structure, style and document design to increase the overall persuasiveness (ethos, logos and pathos) of your own writing.
  • Get started on the prewriting and research process (truth-seeking) for your final writing project, the Practical Proposal Argument.


Exploratory Essay Assignment Sheet

Exploratory Essay Grading Rubric

Exploratory Essay Instructor’s Daily Unit Plan

Additional Readings for Instructors


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